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Muna is a gryfess from a Vanir tale. She appears in the short story The Legend of the Raven Wing.



Muna is described as being clear, instead of white or fluffy gray, looking like crystals layered. After she carried the magma back home to try and save her pride, her feathers catch fire and turn black.


The Legend of the Raven WingEdit

In the short story, a winter-born albino gryfess, has confusing, prophetic dreams. She dreams of earthfire destroying her home, but when she tells her pride, they scoff her. Desperate to save her pride, she flies to the nearby volcano and clutches some magma in her talons. She flies back home, her feathers catch fire as she flies. When she finally lands, she is burnt, blackened, and soon dies. However, her sacrifice gives the Vanir enough time to flee to the caves under the mountains, surviving the eruption.


  • Her name means "hope/desire" in Arabic.




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